New brochure from the ULC! LEASES (3rd edition)

The aims of this brochure are to answer important questions asked by both landlords and tenants, to list the rights and obligations of both parties, to remind people of the legal regulations on terminating a rental agreement and the possible consequences, and to address, in simple terms, the main aspects to consider in relation to a lawsuit.

The consumer association would also like to point out that its role is to advise and support tenants in their contractual relationships with landlords – just as it supports and advises consumers in their contractual relationships with any professional sellers or providers of services – but that it is not authorised to advise or support landlords in their contractual relationships with their tenants.

Landlords requiring assistance in a dispute with their tenants may consult a solicitor for advice or contact a legal information centre (Service d’accueil et d’information juridique).

The brochure, which is published with financial support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection, is available from the ULC head office (55, rue des Bruyères, L-1274 Howald) for a nominal charge of EUR 5.
ULC members will be sent a copy free of charge by post on request. Please call tel. no. 49 60 22-202 or 49 60 22-402.

Howald, 7th February 2019