The lease

Many people have found themselves, at least once in their lives, in the role of tenant or landlord renting accommodation, and in some cases they have experienced both. It is essential, both as a landlord and as a tenant, to know the fundamental rules relating to leases, in order to be aware of your rights and obligations. That makes it possible to avoid a good number of situations giving rise to disputes, and to ensure good relations between the parties.
This brochure has been prepared in order to provide answers to the basic questions which both tenants and landlords may ask in relation to leases, to highlight the rights and obligations of the two parties, to recall the rules applicable to termination of a tenancy agreement
and the consequences which can flow from them, and to address, at a simple level, the fundamental aspects in terms of procedure.
This brochure does not claim to be comprehensive, and is limited to the basic aspects of the subject. The various themes are addressed in the simplest and most schematic manner possible.
The Luxembourg Consumer Association (Union luxembourgeoise des consommateurs, ULC) wishes to draw the attention of its members to the fact that the laws and regulations are liable to change and that it is, therefore, essential to keep up-to-date at all times with changes which may be made.
The legal department is available to members of the ULC to provide information on this area.
The ULC similarly wishes to note that its mission lies in advising and assisting tenants in respect of the contractual relations linking them with their landlord, just as it does for consumers in respect of the contractual relations linking them to a seller or professional supplier of services, but conversely it is not authorised to advise or assist landlords in respect of a contractual relation that sets them against their tenants.
Landlords requiring assistance in respect of a dispute setting them against their tenants are invited to consult a lawyer or to contact a legal aid service:

Service d’accueil et d’information juridique – Luxembourg
Cité judiciaire
Bâtiment BC
L-2080 - Luxembourg
Tel. : (+352) 221846

Service d’accueil et d’information juridique – Diekirch
Justice de paix
Place Joseph Bech
L-9211 - Diekirch
Tel. : (+352) 802315

Service d’accueil et d’information juridique – Esch sur Alzette
Justice de paix
Place Norbert Metz
L-4239 - Esch-sur-Alzette
Tel. : (+352) 54 15 52

The author of this brochure cannot be held liable for any possible errors or omissions that might remain, despite all due care applied in the preparation of it.
The ULC is not responsible for the use possibly made of information taken from this publication.


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